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Digital Thermostats

Take Your Comfort Control On the Go

Your thermostat is the heart of your HVAC system, and allow you to control the heating and cooling of your home from one central location. Digital thermostats are the future of heating and cooling. With your digital thermostat from Chatham Comfort Controls, you will be in full control of your comfort at all times. Our thermostats come programmable to achieve your ideal temperature always, for your constant comfort, and energy, and cost-efficiency. Do you leave for work every day at the same time? Set your thermostat to lower the A/C automatically after you leave, and drop it back down again just before you get home. Can’t remember if you left your A/C blasting? Don’t sit around worrying, some digital thermostats allow you to control the heating and cooling right from your smartphone. Don’t waste any more money or worry about your thermostat again. Check out our selection of digital thermostats and ask about our thermostat installation services.

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Affordable Digital Thermostats

You shouldn’t be paying for heating or cooling when no one is in your home. With digital thermostats, your home’s temperature can be adjusted based on pre-programmed settings for various times of the day. By purchasing a programmable thermostat, you can increase your comfort while saving energy and saving money. Over time your energy savings will offset the cost of upgrading to a digital thermostat.

Digital thermostats provide a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and control. With your pre-programmed settings, the temperature can change to your liking. Do you like it to be cooler when you are sleeping? No problem. Just set it and forget it! Maybe you like your pre-programmed settings, but want to change it up for the day. No problem. Digital thermostats can be overridden without affecting the programming. 

Digital thermostats can provide benefits for many types of environments. For example, using a digital thermostat in a vacation home can provide many benefits. It could lower energy bills, and you can change the thermostat for the winter and summer months. This can prevent issues such as frozen pipes. You can even adjust the temperature through an app or the internet before visiting the home. 

Digital thermostats are easy to read and easy to use. Even if you are not tech-savvy you should not have a problem using it. Many digital thermostats run on user-friendly digital displays. Digital thermostats are also safer for your home and better for the environment. Non-digital thermostats contain the highest amount of mercury in any household object. Digital thermostats do not have mercury, so they further reduce your carbon footprint.

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