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Digital Thermostats

Take Your Comfort Control On the Go

Your thermostat is the heart of your HVAC system; it allows you to control your home’s temperature from one central location.


Digital thermostats are the future of heating and cooling. With your digital thermostat from Chatham Comfort Controls, you will be in complete control of your comfort at all times. 

Our thermostats come programmable to achieve your ideal temperature. 


If you find yourself in the following situations, you may need a digital thermostat:


  • Do you leave for work every day at the same time? Set your thermostat to lower the A/C automatically after leaving, and drop it back down again just before you get home. 
  • Can’t remember if you left your A/C blasting? Don’t sit around worrying; some digital thermostats allow you to control the heating and cooling right from your smartphone. 
  • Do you like it to be colder when you are sleeping? No problem. Just set it and forget it! Maybe you like your pre-programmed settings but want to change it up for the day. No problem. 

Why Go Digital?

Digital thermometers are a popular solution to modern heating needs. Unlike a traditional thermostat, users can adjust the temperature in a home even when they’re away.


Digital thermostats have tremendous benefits, including:


  • Saving homeowners up to 10% on their energy bill
  • Increasing the efficiency of their heating and cooling systems
  • Allowing homeowners to adjust the temperature remotely
  • Automatically lowering the temperature when people are home


Aside from being convenient, digital thermostats can also help save energy in your home. Digital thermostats are a modern solution for heating a home efficiently. 


Some models even allow a homeowner to program temperatures for certain times of the day. Programming temperatures in advance is not just an easy way to stay comfortable; it is also a way to save big on an energy bill.


According to the Department of Energy, homeowners save up to 10% on their energy bill with a digital thermostat. These savings stem from the thermostat’s ability to heat the home efficiently, even if the homeowner is away. 


We’ve outlined some of the significant benefits of digital thermostats below:


  • Are overridden without affecting the programming
  • Used in many types of homes
  • Lower energy bills
  • Can change the thermostat for the winter and summer months
  • Can prevent issues such as frozen pipes
  • Homeowners can adjust the temperature through an app or the internet 
  • Easy to read and easy to use
  • Have user-friendly digital displays
  • Safer for your home and better for the environment

Affordable Digital Thermostats for Any Home

You shouldn’t be paying for heating or cooling when no one is in your home. With digital thermostats, you can adjust your home’s temperature based on pre-programmed settings for various times of the day. 


By purchasing a programmable thermostat, you can increase your comfort while saving energy and saving money. Over time your energy savings will offset the cost of upgrading to a digital thermostat.


Digital thermostats provide a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and control. With your pre-programmed settings, the temperature can change to your liking. 

Tips for Programming a Thermostat

The Department of Energy recommends lowering a home’s temperature by 7-10 degrees during any four-hour or more period that people are not home. If people are continuously home during the day, it may be best to only set the temperature back by a few degrees. 


The digital thermostat is handy for programming temperatures around people’s schedules. By programming temperatures in advance, a homeowner can change the thermostat’s programming to reflect schedule changes. 


Below, we’ve provided some quick tips for getting the most out of your digital thermostat:


  • Program temperatures in advance
  • Set the thermostat back several degrees when no one is home
  • Keep temperatures lower to prevent additional heat loss
  • The temperature should reflect whether a home is being heated or cooled


With the above tips, any homeowner can save energy on their heating or cooling bill. Using energy-efficient methods and upgrading a traditional thermostat, a homeowner ensures that their home stays comfortable throughout the day. 

How Does It Work?

A digital thermostat is an easy way to make a home heating or cooling system more efficient. If used properly, a digital thermostat will save a homeowner plenty of time and money. It will keep the home both comfortable and warm, as well. 


By lowering the heat, the digital thermostat is keeping a home warm for longer. The digital thermostat keeps a home warm by preventing heat loss. Lower temperatures allow for less energy loss over time because the heat is consistent throughout the house. 


Keeping a thermostat set too high can result in quick energy loss once the heat turns off. This phenomenon occurs because the temperature throughout the home is not consistent. The outdoor temperature is much lower, leading to cold air quickly rushing back in to replace the hot air. 


It might seem counterproductive to lower the thermostat to save energy, but it is more efficient than many would think. These lowering temperatures will only change when a person is away from home, which means there will be no discomfort or cold temperatures when they arrive home. 


This programmable temperature is possible with a digital thermometer. Digital thermometers take the stress out of saving energy in a home, as they allow the user to set a preferred temperature well in advance. 


Many people prefer to set their digital thermostats to run higher when they sleep and lower throughout the day. Another popular way to set a digital thermometer is to raise the overall temperature when a person arrives home from work. 


All of these methods are great ways to start saving energy with a digital thermometer. The Department of Energy recommends the following presets to save both money and energy in your home. They suggest setting the thermostat:


  • Back around 7-10 degrees when away from home
  • Around 68 degrees when warming a home
  • Around 78 degrees when cooling a home
  • Lower for at least 8 hours a day


These methods will help homeowners save money and energy, keeping their homes comfortable in the process. 

How Chatham Comfort Controls Can Help

It’s easier than many people think to keep a home warm or cool. With digital thermostats, it has become even more straightforward. 


Chatham Comfort Controls recommends these thermostats to all of our clients because they’ve proved beneficial for homeowners from all across the Windy City. 


Weather varies a lot in Chicago, with hot summers and cold winters making it hard to find the best home temperature. Thankfully, digital thermometers make this process easy, giving homeowners peace of mind and comfort. 


We’ve been servicing the Chicago area for years, so we know the ins and outs of keeping your home hot or cool. Our expert technicians are here to make life easier for you because we know it can be a hassle to deal with inefficient HVAC equipment. 


We can help our customers select and install a digital thermometer to revolutionize the way they heat or cool their homes. Our technicians are here to help clients with all of their heating or cooling needs. 


We offer both traditional and emergency services, which can help customers in any situation they might find themselves. We know that not all heating and cooling systems are the same, so we use our expert-level knowledge to assess conditions to provide top-quality solutions to our customers. 


Customers in both the South Side of Chicago and Chicagoland can rest easy knowing that they have a professional HVAC service at their fingertips. 

Contact Chatham Comfort Controls Today

Our team focuses on quality and customer service; we aim to provide transparent, effective services for all clients. 


This focus makes the digital thermostat selection more manageable for you; we can inform you of your options, giving our advice to ensuring your system provides you with the features you want. 


When you work with us, you know you’ll be getting a quality digital thermostat and excellent customer service. Chatham Comfort Controls can help answer any questions you might have about our thermostats and services. 


Our team of HVAC experts is here to provide you with quality customer care, all while keeping you informed about the best ways to heat or cool your home.


Don’t waste any more money or worry about your thermostat again. Check out our selection of digital thermostats and ask about our thermostat installation services.


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