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Repair vs. Replace

We clean, check and provide maintenance for all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, and AC units.

As homeowners, we often face the issue of whether to repair or replace our aging HVAC system. While the thought of repairing the unit may seem like a cost-effective option, is it really the best choice in the long run? 

When your furnace, boiler, or AC cooling unit encounters issues, the immediate reaction might be to opt for repairs rather than a complete replacement. While repair costs can initially seem more budget-friendly, it’s crucial to assess whether this is a viable long-term solution. 

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we understand the dilemma and aim to help you make informed choices regarding your HVAC system’s health. Our dedicated team of professionals is always committed to providing the best advice and value on our services to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

The Temptation of Repairs

When your HVAC system breaks down, HVAC system repair may seem like the most logical and cost-effective solution. And in many cases, it is. Repairing your unit can be far less expensive than replacing it. 

In many cases, targeted repairs can efficiently restore a malfunctioning HVAC unit to its optimal functionality. This approach is appealing due to its cost-effectiveness and swift resolution. In fact, regular maintenance and HVAC system repair can prolong the life of your unit and keep it running like new for years.

When Repair Makes Sense

  • Minor Issues: For small glitches like a faulty thermostat, a worn-out fan belt, or a clogged filter, a repair can work wonders.
  • Immediate Cost Savings: Repairing can be lighter on your wallet upfront, making it an appealing option.

However, it’s essential to recognize that repair solutions might not always be the most prudent choice. Opting for repeated repairs on an aging system could lead to a cycle of diminishing returns. What initially seemed like a wallet-friendly fix might progressively become a recurring expenditure, draining your finances and patience.

If, however, what you need is repair, whether boiler, furnace, or AC cooling unit repair, Chatham Comfort Controls has you covered! We can help you choose wisely so you will not create any waste. You’ll know exactly if your system needs a repair or a replacement. 

The Downside of Quick Fixes

  • Temporary Solutions: Repairing might solve the immediate issue, but it might not hold for long.
  • Hidden Problems: Sometimes, the underlying issue causing the breakdown is more significant than you think. Ignoring it can lead to more complex problems down the line.
  • Cost Escalation: What seems like a small repair now can snowball into a series of costly repairs over time.

Considering Replacement?

While a repair might be suitable for minor hiccups, there are instances where a replacement becomes the more viable and cost-effective option. 

Older HVAC systems, especially those that have undergone multiple repairs over the years, can be prone to further breakdowns and inefficiency. Continuing to rely on such systems could lead to increased energy bills, inconsistent heating or cooling, and a reduced overall comfort level.

Moreover, technological advancements have led to the development of energy-efficient HVAC units that can significantly reduce energy consumption and utility bills. By investing in a newer system, you not only enjoy improved performance and reliability but also contribute to a greener environment.

Why Replacement Might Be the Real Deal

  • Age Matters: If your HVAC unit is a seasoned veteran, constantly needing repairs might indicate that it’s time to retire gracefully.
  • Energy Efficiency: Older units might not be as energy-efficient as the newer models, leading to higher utility bills in the long run.
  • Recurring Problems: If you’re seeing the repair technician more often than your friends, it’s probably time to consider a replacement.
  • Costly Repairs Add Up: Continuously fixing the same issues can turn into a money pit, as those band-aid solutions add up over time.

If what you need is a replacement, whether a boiler, furnace, AC cooling unit repair, or water heater, Chatham Comfort Controls has you covered!

Repair Vs. Replace

Consider your unit’s age, condition, and overall efficiency before making this decision. If your unit is older and experiencing frequent breakdowns, a replacement is probably the best bet. Not only will this prevent further costly repairs in the future, but it will also improve the overall efficiency of your system. 

On the other hand, repair may be the best course of action if your unit is still relatively new and in good condition. In this case, repair will likely be sufficient to get your unit back in working order. 

It is also important to consider the type of repairs needed. Minor repairs, such as repairing a clogged drain line, can often be done quickly and affordably. However, major repairs, such as replacing a compressor or heat exchanger can get quite expensive and may be a sign that it is time for a replacement. Our trained professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls can help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your HVAC system.

Another factor to consider is the environmental impact of your unit. Older units can emit harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) that contribute to ozone depletion. Newer replacement units are more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. 

Also, be sure to consider the hassle and stress of constantly repairing an older unit versus the peace of mind and reliability of a new unit. Newer models come with warranties, which can provide relief and protection for years. Additionally, they come equipped with the latest technology and features that can improve indoor air quality, comfort, and convenience.

Maintenance is Key

Regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspections can extend the lifespan of your unit. Especially if you have just gotten a repair, or have recently replaced your HVAC unit in its entirety, keeping up with regular services will extend the work on your furnace or AC cooling unit. Prevent frequent repairs with regular maintenance by Chatham Comfort Controls. 

Having Chatham Comfort Controls service your HVAC systems means we are there to catch any potential issues in order to keep your system running smoothly. In the long run, this will save you from having to replace your system any time soon. 

Making the Decision

Determining whether to repair or replace your HVAC unit is not always straightforward, so professional assessment is invaluable. At Chatham Comfort Controls, our skilled technicians offer comprehensive diagnostic tests to evaluate the state of your system. 

We consider factors such as the age of the unit, the frequency of breakdowns, and the potential long-term costs of repairs. Based on this evaluation, we provide you with an informed recommendation that aligns with your best interests.

The Chatham Comfort Controls Approach

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we’re all about helping you make informed choices for your HVAC system. Our experts understand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. To make it easier on you, we offer: 

  • Professional Diagnosis: Our trained technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic test to pinpoint the exact problem.
  • Repair or Replace Consultation: Based on the diagnostic results and considering factors like your unit’s age and the frequency of repairs, we’ll provide personalized recommendations.
  • Energy Efficiency Guidance: If replacement is on the table, we’ll guide you toward energy-efficient units that can save you money in the long run.

Chatham Comfort Controls Invests in Your Comfort

At the crossroads of HVAC system repair and replacement, Chatham Comfort Controls is your partner in making the right choice. While repairs might offer a quick fix, they aren’t always the most sustainable solution. Our experts will help you determine the best course of action for your unit and guide you to the perfect unit for your space. Whether you have  HVAC system repair or replacement services, leave it up to the professionals. Our professionally trained technicians will visit your home for a full diagnostic test to determine whether you should repair or replace your unit.

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Sarah Tyler
This was the 2nd time I've had Chatham Comfort Controls fix a heater at one of my rental properties. Both times all staff was very nice. The first time, a technician came to the house and determined the problem. He was professional, efficient, friendly, and answered all my questions. Other workmen came and completed the required job. They were prompt and completed the job - after the job was done they explained all the work that was done. On this, the second time I needed them (issue non-related to the first service) I am very pleased with the service I've received. Please keep up the good work. Both times they were able to respond on the same day that I called. Thanks! I will be calling Chatham Comfort Controls on all of my maintenance needs from now on! One-stop shop for all my unit needs with excellent customer service and skill.

— Sarah Tyler


Great Response, Great Job When I Needed It! During the coldest days so far this year (2015) I had multiple issues with my furnace and water heater that needed to be corrected right away. I called Chatham Comfort Controls (web search) and spoke to Jon who assured me that they could get a technician over to me within the hour to assess the situation and give me an estimate in minutes. As the young man promised, about a half hour later I got a phone call from the technician who was parked right outside my house and ready to get started. He assessed the situation thoroughly, told me what I needed done, gave me a great price, repaired my furnace and water heater, made sure everything was working properly and didn't charge me one cent for the complete inspection he performed. What a pleasant surprise. I recommend Chatham Comfort Controls to any and everyone who needs professional, courteous HVAC service. They're truly nice, down-to-earth folk who really know their business, and they get it right the first time.

— Kevin C.


I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for a job well done on the installation of my new air conditioner and gas furnace. You and your men did an excellent job! I admit, I can be a difficult person to deal with when it comes to spending money and needing repairs to my home that I am not able to fix. These two are a really bad combination….I must say, even with all my questions, my bad mood, and constant interruptions, you maintained your professionalism and gave me the time and respect as the homeowner explaining everything I needed to know to be ok with this. You put my mind at ease and answered all my questions and still completed the job in a remarkable time frame. Very impressed! My family and I would like to say thank you for giving us comfort in our home!

— Rory Davison

Evergreen Park

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