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Ecobee 5 SmartThermostat Pro

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Ecobee 5 SmartThermostat Pro with Voice Control

One Easy Install can make all the difference!

5-year warranty with professional installation, Alexa built-in, and state-of-the-art SmartSensor included.
Internal Processor Main Change
Has a quad core processor similar to what is in an iphone. This means now there is Bluetooth 5.0 (the 4 didn’t have this), dual band WiFi (the 4 only connected to 2.4 GHz) and the Alexa speaker is first party parody with a current Echo. This means 100% does the same as a current Amazon speaker. It can connect to surround sound systems via Bluetooth so you can stream and push music through apps like Spotify to other speakers in the house without having everything on the same WiFi network. Also supports voice over IP phone calls, messaging, drop in, etc. It’s way faster, louder and more accurate than the original speaker in the 4. The face is also glass so it won’t scratch like the 4.

Sensor Change
Totally new, smaller. Still comes with a sensor and PEK in the box, now have a few mounting brackets (you can angle them) plus a magnetic metal stand. Battery is 3 times longer lasting, 10% increase in distance, new infrared sensor to detect better between people and pets, 5 second refresh rate. Since refresh is so fast, no delay in the app to update. Also you can do things now like use the sensors to turn on lights, etc. Old sensors work on the new stat, new sensors work on the older residential models (3, 3 light, 4).


  • Reliable
    No common wire? No problem. Comes with a Power Extender Kit so it doesn’t rely on other equipment to charge itself.
  • Simple
    Designed for quick and easy installation— everything you need is in the box.
  • Compatible
    Works with gas, oil, electric, and dual fuel systems. Supports conventional (2H/2C) and heat pump (4H/2C) systems; ventilator, humidifier, dehumidifier, HRV, or ERV accessories.
  • Comfort
    Includes a SmartSensor to keep important rooms comfortable by adjusting your thermostat based on occupancy and temperature.
  • Savings
    Reduces energy use and helps homeowners save up to 23%* on heating and cooling costs.
  • Advanced Control
    With Alexa built-in, your customers can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more. Plus they can control from anywhere with any iOS or Android device.
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