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Dunkirk DXL

Dunkirk DXL Series Boiler (Residential)

Get what you pay for: uses minimum fuel for all the heating you need.

Dunkirk’s new DXL gas-fired, hot-water boiler has an advanced Fuel Smart Hydrostat Control and offers up to 83.5% AFUE.

The DXL’s 3 in 1 Control features:

Temperature limit with LED display and easy dial settings. Diagnostic and function indicator lights. – Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO), protects the boiler from damaging low water conditions. – Boiler Reset, lowers the boiler temperature to save fuel by turning on the burner only when needed. Setup is quick with no need to install an outdoor sensor; just dial in the number of heating zones.

The DXL is an atmospheric chimney vent boiler with Integral Draft Diverter. The Integral Draft Hood reduces the overall height and footprint of the boiler making it ideal for low clearance/space limited installations.

The DXL also features a Cast to Last 20 Year Non-Prorated.


  • Boiler Control Module: Recessed Fuel Smart Hydro-stat Temperature Limit, LWCO and Boiler Reset Control with Circulator Relay and Domestic Hot Water Input Override.
  • User Display Interface: Temperature LED display with dial-type settings and diagnostic indicator lights. Heat Exchanger: Cast Iron Sections with Cast Iron Push Nipples
  • Combustion: Completely Installed and Wired Gas Control System with Burners and Manifold consisting of Stainless Steel Burners, Automatic Redundant Combination Gas Valve, 24 Volt Intermittent Pilot Control, Continuous Retry 100% Shut-Off, Combination Pilot Burner/Electrode/Sensor.
  • Electrical: 24v Transformer Safety: Flame Roll-Out
  • Safety Shut-Off and Manual Reset Blocked Vent Safety Shut-Off.
  • Other: Boiler Jacket, Integral Draft Diverter, Combination Temperature/Pressure Gauge, Circulator Pump, 3/4″ Drain Valve, ASME Relief Valve.
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