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Dunkirk PSB

Dunkirk PSB Series II (Residential)

We’ve been making American steam boilers for more than 80 years. Dunkirk’s Plymouth Steam (PSB) Boiler offers a great combination of heating comfort, efficiency, and Dunkirk dependability. With efficiency as high as 82.7%, a Plymouth Steam boiler is an outstanding choice for performance, and economic first- and operating cost.


  • Up to 82.7% AFUE rating saves you money on fuel.
  • Electronic ignition is simple and reliable.
  • Integral draft diverter saves space.
  • Vent damper for added efficiency.
  • Titanium burners that are built to last.
  • Cast-iron sections and cast-iron push nipples make this a classic design.
  • Electronic low-water cutoff.
  • Natural gas or propane – Your choice!
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