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Dunkirk D249

Dunkirk D249 Series (Semi-Commercial)

Dunkirk D249 Series 300 to 3,000 Mbtu/h Steam Boiler (Semi-Commercial)

The D249 Series Commercial Steam Boiler is the next generation natural gas-fired, steam commercial boiler. It is designed to take modular efficiency to the next level. The D249 Series commercial boiler is versatile. It’s available in 28 sizes with capacities from 300 to 3,000 Mbtu/h. Your heating equipment needs change with each commerical job.

The D249 Series natural gas-fired, steam boilers are ideal for apartment buildings, schools, churches, offices and manufacturing facilities. This boiler is easy to install and built to last, saving you time and money. A color-coded factory supplied harness eliminates wiring errors. Modular Efficiency Most commercial boilers are either “all-on” or “all-off”. Depending on model, capacities as low as 11% of full load can be obtained for optimal performance. The optional AMB Control Kit adjusts the water temperature for increased fuel economy. The modular base design allows for built in back-up to reduce “no heat” situations.

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