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Peerless 211A

PEERLESS Series 211A (Semi-Commercial)

211A™ boiler efficiencies are compliant with federal and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. Optional Mod-U-Pak unique three-stage firing system provides improved boiler response and fuel economy. The built-in horizontal to vertical draft hood and aluminized steel flue collector provide a low boiler profile to allow installation in areas with low head room.

The unique finned, tubular sections are spaced evenly using spacing rings which allow the sections to maintain their as-cast skin, providing maximum corrosion resistance and longer life. The flow port flexible seals assure a water-tight fit while providing faster boiler assembly and allow the sections to expand and contract independently. The exclusive Peerless® access design, from both ends, allows easy accessibility to the flueways for inspection and cleaning, without removing the entire jacket.


Commercial Construction


Gas-Fired (Natural or LP)


630 to 9,450 MBH


486 to 7,390 MBH


Natural Draft”




Spark Pilot


  • Commercial Atmospheric Gas Boiler
  • Packaged, Assembled Block (to 19 Sections Only) or Individual Sections
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • 630 to 9,450 MBH Input
  • Steam Boilers
  • Natural or LP Gas
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