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Aprilaire (ERV)

Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilation System – Model 8100

Enjoy Fresh Air Without Raising Heating and Cooling Costs

The whole-home Aprilaire Model 8100 Energy Recovery Ventilation System (ERV) is among the most energy efficient methods of exchanging the air inside your home with fresh outdoor air.

Today’s homes are being built tighter for energy efficiency. Unfortunately, this also makes it nearly impossible for your home to expel stale, indoor air and replace it with fresh, cleaner outdoor air. As a result, unpleasant odors and harmful pollutants become trapped in your home.

The Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) exchanges stale, polluted indoor air with fresh, clean outdoor air throughout your entire home without wasting energy. It is installed as part of your central heating and cooling system, or as an independent system, by a local HVAC professional.


  • Provides a constant, controlled supply of fresh air to your home year-round.
  • Features the exclusive EnergyMax® Transfer Core, which saves energy by effectively retaining and utilizing the energy value from your indoor air.
  • Ventilates homes up to 4,500 square feet in size.
  • Reduces excess indoor humidity levels for greater comfort at a lower cost.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Reduces viruses, bacteria, dust, carbon dioxide, smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radon and unhealthy indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, odors and more.
  • Designed with very few components to deliver improved performance and reliability.

Aprilaire Model 8100 Energy Recovery Ventilator Systems manufactured in February 2012 or later may be controlled with the model 8910 Aprilaire Home Comfort Control, Model 8620 Thermostat or by the Model 8120 Aprilaire Ventilation Control, allowing ventilation to occur on a schedule.

The heart of the ERV is the EnergyMax® Transfer Core, which uses enthalpic technology based on the second law of thermodynamics to enable the transfer of heat as well as moisture into and out of your home. This means:

  • In the summer, the ERV uses the stale, conditioned indoor air you’re expelling to cool the incoming hot air.
  • In the winter, the ERV uses the stale, heated indoor air you’re expelling to preheat the incoming cold air.

Learn more about the science behind the Aprilaire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

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