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Heating Services in Auburn Gresham IL

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Heating Services in Auburn Gresham IL

The majority of homes in Auburn Gresham IL and Chicagoland depend on central gas furnaces or a gas boiler system steam or hot water to keep them warm. While they both are effective in heating your home, a furnace achieves this through heating warm air, and distributing it by blowing it through your home. A steam boiler system achieves this by boiling water and it is distributed through the pipes and into the radiators throughout the home. A hot water boiler system will heat the water to a desired temperature of 170 – 190 degrees and circulate the water with a circulator pump instead. Water or Air, oil or gas, Chatham Comfort Controls has a range of energy and fuel efficient heating systems available for installation. Our furnaces are all Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency AFUE rated at 80% to 97% efficient, meaning they are able to convert at least 80 percent of the energy that it consumes into pure heat for your home, and the remaining 20% is byproduct or flue gases during the heating process. In other words the higher the efficiency the lower your utility bill will be. We only install the top rated brand from a leading consumer reporting agency. The American Standard brand has been rated #1 “most reliable” for the last 19 out of 21 years both furnaces and air conditioners.

Like all machines, heating systems such as furnaces and boilers require regular maintenance to function properly. If your system isn’t producing hot enough air, is short cycling, producing excess noise, or constantly turning off and on, your system may be telling you it is time for repairs. An improperly functioning heating system can significantly add to your energy bill, and lead to more costly repairs later. For optimal performance, we recommend having your heating system serviced regularly with Chatham Comfort Controls. Our HVAC service technicians are licensed professionals ready to install, service or restore your heating system so it’s ready to stand up to cold Auburn Gresham IL winters. Call now to learn more about our HVAC Heating Services in Auburn Gresham IL and South Suburbs HVAC repair services.


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