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The average furnace should be replaced once every 15 years, or as needed. In many cases, a simple repair will no longer cut it, and it will be time to get a full on furnace replacement from the professional HVAC technicians at Chatham Comfort Controls. If you are noticing strange behavior from your furnace such as 

  • frequent needing repairs and replacement parts
  • Noisiness
  • Strange smells coming from your furnace
  • Increased energy bills


Your furnace may not be running as efficiently as it could be. Trust our team of professionals to advise you if the time is right to install a new furnace if your current unit is at the end of its life cycle. From there, we will determine the unit that is best suited for your needs and your space. 


There are several factors you must consider when choosing a furnace that is right for your home. Before buying your furnace, you must first determine the size of your space, the area you are trying to heat, and how energy efficient your machine must be. 


How to Choose the Furnace That’s Right for Me

Our team of professional furnace installation technicians will do this by visiting your home and performing a full inspection. This inspection will take into account the size of your home, number of occupants, outside factors such as temperature, and inside heat sources such as computers and other machinery. Taking all of these things into consideration will help us to determine the furnace that will best suit the specific needs of your family and home. We only install the top rated brand from a leading consumer reporting agency. Chatham Comfort Controls is a proud dealer of American Standard. The American Standard brand has been rated #1 “ most reliable” for the last 19 out of 21 years furnaces and air conditioners, and is the preferred and trusted brand by our professionals. We do however carry a variety of other products from other brands. If you so choose, our professional furnace installation service team will help guide you into making a decision on a furnace that is right for you.  


If you are in need of Furnace Installation Services, Chatham Comfort Controls offers a full line of High Efficiency gas furnaces which range from 92% to 97.5% Energy Efficiency and have two Stage and Variable Speeds. We will look at your existing furnace and determine what upgrades would be best to consider for your home for the most energy efficient heating system possible. 


Furnace Installation Services

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we will ensure that your boiler installation is done in a timely fashion, and will last for years to come. You will receive the boiler that will best fit the needs for your home to work reliably and efficiently for you and your family. 


If your residential or commercial furnace is broken or in dire need of repair, count on our Chicagoland Furnace Installation Services and South Suburbs Furnace Installation Services to respond quickly and get your new furnace up and running in a timely manner. We understand that when your furnace breaks, you need it fixed fast. Call now to learn more about our 24/7 Chicagoland HVAC repair services and South Suburbs Furnace Installation services.


Chicagoland HVAC Repair Services:  773-842-4299

South Suburbs HVAC System Repair Services:  708-674-6313

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