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When you are at home, you deserve to have the highest quality air possible. After all, it is supposed to be the place where you are the most comfortable and protected. If you find yourself needing to improve your home or business’s air quality, contact our team of experts at Chatham Comfort Controls today! We are happy to assist in bringing you a wide selection of UV lights, humidifiers, and air cleaners that could improve your air quality significantly.

Our Services

Here at Chatham Comfort Controls, we are committing to making sure you are comfortable in your home or business. This extends to our air quality services. We can help improve the air quality of your space using our expertise and catalog of products. 

Air Cleaners

Are you experiencing problems with your air home or business’s air quality? Get an air cleaner installed today! Chatham Comfort Controls can help install one in your air unit quickly and efficiently.


Our team of professionals here at Chatham Comfort Controls can help choose the best humidifier for your home. Experience the difference a humidifier can bring you today!

  • Prevents snoring
  • Prevents spread of airborne illness
  • Warms your home
  • Prevents static
  • May relieve symptoms of allergies
  • Prevents damage to wood

UV Lights

If you are looking at getting a UV light system to complete your air purifier, talk to the professionals here at Chatham Comfort Controls. We will be able to find the perfect system for you and your home. You will also be able to reap some incredible benefits:

  • Kills allergens
  • Reduces smells
  • Lowers monthly expenses
  • Kills bacteria
  • Maintains a cleaner unit and home

If you want to learn more about our air quality services, contact us today! We service the Chicagoland and South Suburbs areas, as well as their surrounding areas. 

The Benefits of Improved Air Quality

Improving your indoor air quality can lead to a number of positive benefits. Better air quality with a new indoor air quality system is proven to help reduce pollutants and allergens present in your home’s air that you breathe everyday. In addition to filtering out these common irritants such as pollen, dust and pet dander, better air quality means better air flow in your home’s heating and cooling systems. Improving your indoor air quality means you’ll be saving money on energy bills each month, and feeling better all at the same time!

Installing the wrong type of filter can actually cause your heating and cooling units to work even harder, costing you more per month on energy bills without doing anything for your indoor air quality. At Chatham Comfort Controls, we will help you to determine what type of indoor air quality product best suits your home, and your needs. If you’re tired of being sick or had enough this allergy season, if you want to save money on heating and cooling your home, or just want cleaner air, we specialize in the installation of air cleaners, humidifiers and UV lights to make sure your air is safe and pollutant free. Call Chatham Comfort Controls and learn more about our Chicagoland indoor air quality services and South Suburbs indoor air quality services.

Air Quality Tips

Here are some tips to improve air quality in your house:

  • Make sure to regularly clean the bedsheets, curtains, and other items in the house that tend to attract allergens.
  • Cleaning out some clutter in your house is another good way to get rid of dust that might be attached to things.
  • Vacuum the carpet and rugs once or twice a week with a HEPA filter. This filter helps with air purifying.
  • Allowing fresh air into your house is another great way to allow air circulation.
  • Investing in an air purifier can help control indoor allergens. You can read more on our air cleaners by clicking here!
  • Believe it or not, having in-door plants also collects dust and can hold a place for the growth of mold. Some will actually improve air quality, ferns, and lilies, etc.
  • Changing out your AC filter is a great way to be sure that your AC system does not get worn down.
  • Natural kitchen cleaners and air fresheners may also help to improve air quality. Chemicals put out by plug-in air fresheners can be harmful to the air quality.
  • Make sure to keep a good level of humidity. 30%-50% helps keep allergens under control.
  • A dehumidifier can reduce moisture in the air and also control allergens.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your home or business’s air quality? Contact us today! Our team here at Chatham Comfort Controls can help guide you through the best ways for you to improve your space’s air quality.

Air Quality Services in Chicagoland and the South Suburbs

Since we are on the topic of improving air quality in your home, let’s mention some ways to test the air. An indoor air quality monitor is a great device for this. The monitor will measure the quality of your indoor air as well as report chemical pollutants, particulate matter, and humidity. This all depends on which one you purchase, of course. The prices for these devices can vary, but the typical range is between $100-$350. There are many good air quality monitors out there. Although I don’t recommend buying one and testing your air to improve it yourself. 

Chatham Comfort Controls offers many services to improve the air quality in your home. Leave it up to us to improve your air quality in your home. After all, we are the professionals. Call us today at 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland or 708-674-6313 for the South Suburbs to schedule a free consultation today.


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