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Commercial Heating

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Commercial Heating Services in Southside ChicagoAs a heating professional based in Chicago, you understand that the comfort of you, your employees, and your customers are crucial for your business’s success. Comfort translates into productivity and overall satisfaction. That is why you need a high -quality commercial heating services as well as a commercial heating system that you can trust from commercial heating professionals you can rely on.

Call the HVAC professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls to ensure that your business is operating with a commercial heating system you can trust. From start to finish, our heating technicians will visit your business and determine the commercial heating system best suited for your individual needs. You can rest assured that Chatham Comfort Controls will help ease your worries by making the purchasing and installation process as streamlined as possible.

Choosing Your Commercial Heating Unit

Our team will set you up for success by determining the ideal commercial heating unit for your space. We realize with the many heating options you are faced with, this decision can be daunting. We offer a wide selection of options from trusted brands like American Standard, Dunkirk, Peerless, and more. Our team of commercial HVAC professionals are trained and knowledgeable in each of these units, and can help you make the best choice for your business. When choosing the correct unit, you must consider two main factors:

  • Correct Sizing
    • Did you know there is such a thing as too much heating? When choosing your commercial heating system, keep in mind that a unit that is too large will not only cost you by consuming monstrous amounts of energy but can even increase your indoor humidity. 
  • Cost and Energy Efficiency
    • Save money with an energy-efficient commercial heating system perfect for your professional space, and your budget. A good start is to make sure that your commercial unit is Energy Star® certified. This certification indicates that your unit has undergone thorough testing to ensure that it meets efficiency standards and performance ratings.    

Types of Commercial Heating Units

Chatham Comfort Controls knows that each business is different and requires a different HVAC unit for their needs. That is why we offer three different types of HVAC units for your business:

  • Furnace
    • Chatham Comfort Controls has a wide selection of different gas furnaces tailored to your needs. With our five to ten-year warranty options as well as a company guarantee, your business could thrive with new furnace installation.
  • Boiler
    • These types of HVAC units can be especially useful for the cold Chicago winters we all experience. Although the installation process might take a bit longer, Chatham Comfort Controls guarantees a seamless transition from buying to using.
  • Rooftop 
    • There are a variety of different commercial rooftops heaters to choose from that all vary in size, power, and abilities. Chatham Comfort Controls can help you sort through these different options to choose which one is best for your business.

Keep Your Unit Running Smoothly With Chatham Comfort Controls 

Once you have chosen and installed the right unit, you will want to make sure it is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Remember: just because your commercial heating unit is running, does not mean it is running at its best. Regular commercial heating services and inspections of your HVAC units are especially important for businesses, as you need to take your customers and clients into consideration. A heating unit that is running sub-optimally will not only fail to keep you warm, but it will be forced to work harder and cost you more money on your energy bills. Make sure your commercial heating unit is running at its best at all times with regular maintenance from our technicians. All technicians are trained extensively to spot even the most minuscule of problems with your HVAC unit. 

How Often Should  You Call For Commercial Heating Services For Your Unit?

In order to make sure your unit is running smoothly for your business, we recommend having it inspected and serviced at least once per year, or an ‘as needed’ basis. Look for signs that your heating unit may need an inspection. Usually, when this occurs, you will notice some very concerning side effects:

  • Strange smells
  • Sounds
  • A higher energy bill
  • Your heater taking longer to warm up
  • Not warming up at all

If you notice any of these, it may indicate that you are in need of service. However, you should not wait even a minute to call the professionals here at Chatham Comfort Controls. It is extremely important to call a commercial heating service professional as soon as these issues occur, as these issues can often be resolved quickly and inexpensively when caught early. They will oftentimes result in worse and more expensive issues if not treated accurately and quickly.

If you are not noticing any unusual behavior, we recommend yearly service right before the beginning of winter. Annual inspection with Chatham Comfort Controls includes a thorough examination of all parts that are the most common to malfunction. In addition, your annual heating system inspection will also involve a thorough cleaning of these electrical parts and their connections. Keeping these parts from gathering dust and grime is the first step to preventing their malfunction in the future, and keeping your unit running smoothly and efficiently. 

Repair and Replacement For My Commercial Heating Unit

It is important for you to continuously check up on your unit to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. However, it is inevitable that your heating unit will be in need of commercial heater repair, or a full-on replacement, no matter how hard you try to prevent the damages from happening. Often these problems simply require a new part, a cleaning, etc. If the issue is more severe, rest assured that you are in the hands of a knowledgeable team of commercial HVAC contractors and professionals who will treat you like family. Count on our team of commercial heating professionals to recommend the best course of action to get your business up and running again, and advise you as if it were our own heating unit. 

Financing Your Commercial Heating Unit

When you are a business owner, you are responsible for keeping track of all of your business’s expenses. That is why investing in a commercial HVAC unit could be a bit intimidating; providing your business with the best unit possible can leave a sizable dent in the company budget. However, it does not have to be this way. 

Chatham Comfort Controls understands that the decision to install a new commercial HVAC unit is a major investment. That is why we offer a variety of different financing options to help you pay for your new HVAC unit. We offer low fixed interest rates and are partners with different financing lenders, no matter the state of your credit. We want you to have the best unit for your business, no matter the cost. Contact us for more information on our financing offers.

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From maintenance, to repair, to installation, our team will provide you with quality heating service in Chicagoland and the South Suburbs. Our team is here for you 24/7 and will provide you and your home or place of business quality care at an affordable price. Call 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland service or 708-674-6313 for South Suburbs service to find out more about our commercial heating services.

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