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Commercial Boilers

Professional Boiler Installation and repair for a High-Performance System

What Is A Commercial Boiler?

Commercial boilers are heating units that are used in commercial buildings such as offices, schools, apartments, hospitals, etc. Commercial boilers can vary as well depending on what they use they typically use gas or oil as a fuel source for generating either hot water or steam. The heated water and steam is then circulated through the radiators, baseboard units, or fan coils to generate heat.

What is a commercial boiler?

commercial boiler service in southside ChicagoIf you are a professional in the Chicagoland or South Suburb area, you understand the importance of a fully functioning HVAC system for your business. What you may not know, however, is that commercial boilers and commercial HVAC systems are very different from residential heating and cooling systems. Although this may sound pretty confusing to you, fear not! Trust the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls to not only guide you into the best commercial boiler and commercial boiler service for your business but make sure it is working in top condition for years to come.

When choosing the right commercial boiler for your space, the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls take into consideration factors such as proper location, the amount of space that needs to be heated, other sources in the building such as computers that may cause additional heat, and any existing components in the building that your commercial boiler will need to work in harmony with. Our expertise ensures that the commercial boiler that you choose will be the best for your professional space and that it is installed properly for reliable function for years to come. At Chatham Comfort Controls, we want the best for your business and clients.

Can’t wait any longer in your under or overheated office space? Call the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls to learn more about our commercial boiler installation and commercial boiler service. 

Why Should I Get A Commercial Boiler?

There is a vast amount of heating options out there for your commercial space. There are two types of boiler systems: hot water and steam. A hot water boiler heats the water to 150-190 degrees and is circulated with the help of circulation pump(s) to all radiators. On the other hand, a steam boiler heats water until it boils and the steam from it is used to heat the designated area. Both steam and hot water are great because they both continue to heat the space long after the boiler has turned off through convection, unlike a forced-air furnace system. No matter which type you choose, you will feel the difference in heating immediately throughout your office.

Using water or steam to heat your commercial business comes with a wide range of benefits. By using hot water and steam as their heat source, commercial boilers are able to better distribute heat throughout larger spaces. This is because unlike a furnace that relies on ducts that are fixed to one area, commercial boilers use radiators allowing the hot water and steam to spread evenly throughout your space. Commercial boilers are also a cost-effective method to manage heating large spaces. 

Here are some other benefits to a boiler that you may not have known about:

  • They are very energy efficient!
    • Due to the fact that water is an extremely effective thermal conductor, heat and warmth are retained much better. This reduces the need for extensive individual heating throughout your space.
  • They do not require as much maintenance!
    • The lack of moving parts in a boiler makes them stand out for a number of different reasons, one of them being the looser necessity for extensive repairs. However, it is still important to check up on your boiler regularly.
  • They carry a lifespan of up to thirty years!
    • Another benefit to the lack of moving parts in a boiler is the reduction of stress and wear that the system endures. 

So Boiler, Heater, or Furnace?

Heaters and furnaces are similar terms used in association to boilers. A heater is the overall general term used when describing how one should heat their home or business. A furnace is able to blow hot air into a room. A boiler’s job can be to supply hot water or steam to the radiators of the building. 

No one can officially say what is the better option to heat your commercial space with, as it is more of a personal preference and some commercial buildings may be better suited for one over the other. Ultimately, the best way to decide how to heat your commercial building is to take into account the needs for your specific space. 

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing what kind of HVAC unit is right for your home or business:

  • What kind of energy source would you like to use?
    • Furnaces are oftentimes run on electricity, oil, or natural gas. On the other hand, boilers can run on all three of those sources, but can also run on wood.
  • How much noise are you comfortable with?
    • Generally, boilers are considered to be quieter than furnaces, but louder than heaters.

If you contact us, we will be happy to make some suggestions for your commercial building. Here at Chatham Comfort Controls, our customers’ wants and needs are important to us. We want to make sure that you are getting the commercial heating service that is ideal for you and your budget. Before getting started, our team will gladly advise you on the best course of action and if commercial boiler services are the heating solution for you using our tried-and-true expert analysis.

How Often Should I Receive A Commercial Boiler Service And Have My Boiler Inspected?

Much like a furnace, we recommend that you have your boiler inspected at least once per year, at the beginning of the heating season. Regular inspection with a commercial boiler professional can detect and mitigate small problems with your boiler that may be preventing it from running at its best. It is also important to contact us if you are experiencing any irregularities with the efficiency of your boiler. Repairing these issues when they occur can save you money from having to do costly repairs in the future. Think of it as an annual check-up at your doctor’s office; we wanna make sure that your boiler is at the best health it can be at. Just like a car, or really any other machine, your commercial boiler will need to have a tune-up every year in order to keep it in top-notch shape. This visit will address things like cleaning excess dust and buildup out of your system, cleaning and fixing small parts to keep them working harder for longer, and fixing any small issues before they become larger issues. Having your commercial boiler regularly maintenance will help to make sure you get more life out of your system, and you can trust your system to stay running when you need it most.

Of course, a clean boiler is a happy boiler! Making sure that your commercial boiler is running cleanly and efficiently means that it won’t be working as hard to keep your business warm. Boilers that are not working as efficiently as they can be are prone to suck more energy. This means that they may have to work harder if there is a broken or damaged part or dust buildup in the way! Keeping your commercial boiler good and maintenance can help you save money in the long run by keeping your electric bills low and keeping repairs at a minimum.   

24/7 Emergency Commercial Boiler Service

From maintenance, to repair, to installation, our team will provide you with quality heating service in Chicagoland and the South Suburbs. Our team is here for you 24/7 and will provide you and your home or place of business quality care at an affordable price. Call to find out more about our heating, residential, and commercial boiler service.

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