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We offer the comprehensive solutions you need for installing, repairing, and servicing home boilers.

Boiler Installation East Chatham, Chicago

Your steam or hot water boiler provides heat for your space. Because of this, your boiler is an appliance in your home that needs to be operating optimally at all times. This need for usage is critical in the cold months of winter. At Chatham Comfort Controls, we will ensure that your boiler installation in East Chatham, Chicago, is done in a timely fashion. Not only that, but we will make sure your unit will last for years to come. You will receive the boiler that will best fit the needs of your home to work reliably and efficiently for you and your family.

The Chatham Difference

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we offer a wide selection of boiler options from trusted brands like Dunkirk, Pennco, and more. Our boiler installation technicians are well versed in our wide selection of boilers. Let our knowledgeable team recommend and install the perfect boiler for your needs. Boilers work by producing and sending hot water or steam through to the radiators around your home, which will then distribute heat around your space. It seems simple, but choosing the wrong boiler for your home can result in unnecessary energy running and costly electric bills. All of this would be for a boiler that may not even be running at its best! Do not get saddled with these potential risks. Call Chatham Comfort Controls today! Our professional boiler technicians will determine your home’s specific needs and find the perfect system for you based on several different factors. 

Choosing a Hot Water Boiler or a Steam Boiler

Our team of professional boiler installers will determine which type of system your home is already operating on or which system will be best for you. This choice can be determined by looking at your radiators and pipes for an existing steam system. Hot water boilers tend to use less energy than steam boilers do. For this reason, they are generally the preferred option. Steam boilers, however, will often come with more power and may keep your home warmer on those drafty days. The HVAC technicians at Chatham Comfort Controls will work to determine your home’s heating needs before making a recommendation and will help you make the right choice for your home. 

Boilers are a vital component of your home. When choosing a new boiler, the first thing you need to decide is whether you need a hot water boiler or a steam boiler. A hot water boiler heats water and circulates it through your home’s pipes to provide heat, while a steam boiler creates steam that is then sent through your home’s pipes to provide heat.

The next step is to choose the right size boiler for your needs. A qualified technician can help you determine the right size for your home. This is done through a radiation sizing count.

Once you have chosen the correct type of boiler you need for your home, the fuel to use with it, and the right size for your needs, you can install it. Professionals like those at Chatham Comfort Controls install gas boilers. 

When choosing a new water heater or steam boiler, many factors will determine which type is best for your home. You will also need to consider budget and space availability to choose suitable for your home. For advice on choosing a particular type of boiler or how much money you should plan to spend on one, contact Chatham Comfort Controls today.

Choosing a Boiler 

Boilers have come a long way and, as such, can be fueled in a variety of different ways. The most common options are natural gas, liquid propane, fuel oil, or electricity. Natural gas and propane are the two most common choices to fuel your boiler, especially in urban areas. They are a safe and reliable fuel source, especially if you already have natural gas plumbed to your home. Fuel oil provides a more natural alternative with the options of more renewable fuels such as biodiesel. Finally, there is the electric boiler. Electric is likely the cleanest option and operates the best in smaller space applications like single rooms. 

When selecting a boiler, you must also account for the BTUs that the unit will need to produce to heat your home. The BTUs needed will be based on the size of your home, the insulation levels, and the climate zone in which you live.

Once you have determined the BTUs needed, you can select a boiler that will meet your needs. If you are choosing a gas-fired boiler, make sure that the unit is adequately vented to the outside of your home. Improper venting can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels inside your home.

Consider Your Home’s Ventilation

Most homes will have specific ventilation and will often make this choice for you. Boilers can eliminate exhaust and excess gasses in several ways, including chimneys, power venting, and direct venting. If your home already has a chimney, your decision is easy: you will use that for ventilation. Boilers vented by chimneys expel their excess combustion gasses up through your chimney and outside of your home. It is still vital that you have an HVAC professional inspect your chimney’s size, height, and construction before pairing it with a boiler. Because of this, each boiler will require specific measurements to operate safely. 

Other ventilation options include power venting and direct venting. Power venting is a more straightforward way to expel exhaust. Power vented boilers push spent gasses out through a direct vent. Afterward, they then draw cool air to replace it. These vents are often on the side of your home or the ceiling. Direct venting is also known as sealed combustion, ideal for modern and more tightly sealed homes. Direct venting pulls air from the outside to operate instead of pulling from inside the home and requires two vents. Choosing which ventilation system is best for your boiler installation is for a knowledgeable boiler install technician, such as the ones here at Chatham Comfort Controls, to determine.

Choosing the Correct Efficiency and Sizing

Finally, homeowners must consider if the boiler they are choosing to install is the proper size for their space and their needs and run efficiently in their home. It is essential to note the energy rating of your boiler before your install. Boilers are standard efficient if they fall between 80% and 84%. However, they are available anywhere between 80% up to 96% efficiency! The percentage of fuel a boiler can convert into usable heat determines this statistic. This final number is known as a boiler’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This number will give you an idea of how efficiently your boiler will run. Not only that, but it will also determine how much it will cost you to operate.

Many homeowners disregard sizing when choosing a boiler to install. It may not seem like the most critical detail, but choosing a correctly sized boiler is critical for adequately heating your home. A boiler will not properly heat your home if it is too big or too small. Therefore, don’t waste your money installing a boiler that will run sub-optimally. Trust the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls to choose the correctly sized boiler for the job. 

Installation and Replacement of Boilers

It is always best to call in a professional. While the process is not complicated, it can be dangerous if not done correctly. Improper venting, for example, can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

How The Process Works

The installer will first determine where the boiler should be located. There must be enough room for the unit and servicing and repairs. The installer will also need to run vents and pipes to the boiler to supply fuel and water.

If you have an existing boiler that needs to be replaced, the installer will first remove it. Removing the old boiler may involve cutting through walls or floors, so planning is essential. Once the old boiler is out, the new one can be installed.

The Installation Process

The installation process can take 1 to 2 , depending on residential vs. commercial and how complex the system is.

Necessary safety precautions include:

  • Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home before installation begins and during all phases of the project
  • Installing an anti-scald device between the boiler and water heater
  • Flushing out any pipes that carry hot water through cold water to prevent scalding incidents

When it comes time to replace an aging boiler or install a brand new one, many factors to consider. The most important decision is what type of boiler to buy. There are three main types of boilers: gas-fired, oil-fired, and electric. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Benefits of Boilers

Boilers have many benefits as they are critical components of your home. Boilers are an integral part of any central heating system. Installations require safety precautions, including having a carbon monoxide detector in your home during all project phases, installing an anti-scald device between the boiler and water heater, and flushing out pipes that carry hot water through cold water to prevent scalding incidents. Boilers have many benefits, including energy efficiency, financial savings, and environmental friendliness.

  • More efficient than furnaces, providing more heat for your money
  • Low-maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Compact
  • High performance
  • Affordable

There are many benefits to boilers. If you consider replacing an old boiler or installing a new one, consult a professional to discuss the best option for your home.

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Call the trusted professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls today to learn more about our Chicagoland Boiler Installation East Chatham IL services and South Suburbs boiler installation services. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable in boiler installation for any home. Because of this, our team members will analyze your space and guide you into a perfect boiler selection for your needs. From determining your boiler type based on existing heating systems and structures in your home to guide you into the perfect decision based on size and efficiency, count on Chatham Comfort Controls for the perfect boiler install every time. Call now to get started and set up your boiler installation.


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