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Emergency AC Installation Services

If your A/C has just died, you are probably in a panic. There is nothing more grueling than living through even one day of summer without an A/C unit. That’s why it is crucial to identify your A/C problem quickly, and if your unit is dead, get an emergency AC installation as soon as you can. 

Warning Signs You Need To Watch Out For

First and foremost, your A/C will more than likely give you early signs of problems on the horizon. You might be experiencing unusual noises coming from your A/C unit or higher than regular power bills. If so, you may want to get your A/C checked out soon. If your unit is relatively old and has had quite a few repairs, it may be looking like the end for your A/C unit. There is still time to research and choose different A/C units to compare and purchase. 

Suppose your A/C is experiencing these problems. It might be too late for shopping around unless you can stand being at home without air conditioning, you may now need to shop around for an emergency A/C installation service. 

Your A/C will not turn on. 

Your A/C not turning on seems like an obvious one. If your unit is not turning on, it may have hit the end of the road, but it might just be a quick fix as well. Before you call for an emergency A/C installation, you should inspect your thermostat. In some cases, the thermostat has been bumped or tampered with the thermostat. The most common situation that we see at Chatham is the ‘Fan Mode’ is not in ‘AUTO,’ and instead, it is in the ‘ON’ setting. Fan Mode being ‘ON’ will cause your A/C to appear broken. An old air filter can also cause your unit to act up and not work efficiently. 

Your A/C is making odd noises.

Whether you’ve lived in the same place for years or just moved in, you know how an A/C should sound. If your air conditioning unit is making banging noises or any other unusual noises and not producing any cold air, you may need to get an emergency A/C installation. 

Your A/C unit is leaking.

Another sign you may need an emergency A/C installation is if your unit is producing moisture, leaks, and starting to smell bad or unusual. Water should not be coming from your air conditioning unit. If it is, it imperative that you call a professional HVAC company.

The Benefits of Hiring A Professional for Your Emergency AC Installation

Many people believe that doing an emergency A/C installation themselves will save them money, but it could actually cost you more in the long run. Installing an A/C by yourself can be a tedious task. Shopping for the perfect unit, figuring out where you can buy it, figuring out how to get it home, removing the old unit accurately, disposing of the old unit, purchasing the proper tools, and making sure your new unit is correctly installed. Installing an A/C unit is a manual labor task that most aren’t prepared to handle themselves. Do not make a costly mistake of accidentally hurting yourself or breaking your new and expensive unit. 

When you hire a professional for your emergency AC installation, you get someone who knows exactly what they are doing. They have had plenty of experience working on countless A/C installations. Professionals also have the tools required to do the job correctly. The most important and peace of mind that hiring a professional gives you is knowing how to handle hazards. A/C systems can become hazardous, and A/C professionals know how to manage them with care and consideration. If your unit has a bad or odd smell, this can be extremely hazardous, and a professional should be contacted immediately. 

How Much Does An Emergency AC Installation Cost? 

Using the word ’emergency’ is a scary word for wallets everywhere. The cost does depend on several factors, including the type of system you are looking to get or if you decide you want to try and repair it first. Although we cannot give you an exact number here, we are more than happy to provide you with an estimate over the phone. Please give us a call at +1 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland and +1 708-674-6313  for the South Suburbs. We do offer to finance as well. Getting you and your family, the comfort you deserve is vital to us. 

Professional AC Installation in Chatham, Chicago 

If you are looking for emergency A/C installation in Chicago, Chatham Comfort Controls is here. You might worry that you need an emergency A/C installation. If so, we can bring your choice unit and have it installed promptly and get your home cool again. We also offer 24/7 emergency AC repairs if you believe that your unit only needs repairs. If the technician cannot repair the unit, we can do an emergency A/C installation for your replacement. 

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we have been serving the Chicagoland area for over 15 years. Our company prioritizes above and beyond customer service for all of our clients. All of our repair technicians are certified in heating and air conditioning to ensure your unit gets the attention and repair you deserve. Give us a call to discuss how the certified HVAC experts at Chatham Comfort Controls can assist you with an emergency A/C installation. Thank you for choosing Chatham Comfort Controls.

We look forward to earning your business and trust.

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