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Affordable Cooling Services In Chatham, Chicago

Just like you need a reliable furnace in the winter, you will need a cooling system you can trust to work just as hard in the summer. Thankfully, you have got the team here at Chatham Comfort Controls to help! Our team offers affordable cooling services like AC repair in Chatham, Chicago, and beyond!

AC Installation

You can count on Chatham Comfort Controls to install a system that will work as hard as you do and keep you cool for years to come. It does not matter whether you are in the market for an upgrade to your unit, require quality AC repair for it, or need a new one. We will determine which type of unit is best suited for your space based on size, your home’s ductwork, the power required to cool your area, and your surrounding weather conditions. A licensed installer will install the Cooling unit directly into your home, ready to work for you. We only install the top-rated brand from a leading consumer reporting agency. After all, the American Standard brand has been rated #1 “most reliable” for furnaces and air conditioners for the last 19 years. 

Cooling Services At Any Time

If your air conditioning breaks, you could be left scrambling to get it repaired. When you call us, we deliver timely HVAC maintenance services. Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained to support all cooling equipment makes and models. If you are in need of emergency maintenance, you can contact us for assistance 24/7 . We will be there in your time of need.

Experienced HVAC Technicians at your fingertips

We employ trustworthy and skilled HVAC technicians who understand all makes and models of AC units, who, are drug tested and background checked for your safety. Our team is able to diagnose problems accurately and on the scene, offering solutions so your ac issues can be resolved. We’re focused on making sure that you receive the best possible level of work and customer service with everything that we do.

Affordable AC Repair

Some of the affordable AC repair services we offer include HVAC installation and replacement, tune-ups and maintenance, ductless AC services, and commercial HVAC services. No matter what you need, our Chatham Comfort Controls team can help. If your air conditioning unit is experiencing issues, you need it fixed quickly. Your system may be telling you a problem has arisen, and you might not even notice. It could be as small as needing to replace an air filter or as big as hearing strange sounds coming from the unit. Our team is always ready to help. Our 24/7 service can dispatch a team for AC repair and other services in the Chatham Chicago area as soon as possible.

Why You Need to Act Fast

The minor problems can wait until you are ready for us, but some AC issues require an immediate response. As a result, they could quickly lead to higher energy bills, broken units, health and safety hazards, and costly fixes. Chatham Comfort Controls handles all things from freon leaks to full-blown repairs and installations. If your unit needs replacing or fixing, call Chatham Comfort Controls and learn more about our Chicagoland HVAC repair services and South Suburbs HVAC repair services.

Common Signs of AC Damage

  • Air conditioner blowing warm air or not blowing at the correct temperature.
  • Airflow is limited and feels like something is blocking it.
  • There is a buildup of moisture on the unit.
  • Strange sounds could be heard from the unit.
  • Your AC unit is 10-15 years old.
  • Foul odors are coming from the unit/vents.
  • There is an increase in your energy bill, the unit could be trying to overcompensate to do its job.
  • If multiple things have been happening on this list or you’ve begun to frequently call AC repair techs.
  • If the unit is leaking coolant or water
  • lengthy or repeated cycles for the cooling periods

AC Maintenance

Often, our team finds that most AC repairs occur because a unit does not have adequate maintenance. AC maintenance is crucial, especially in the Chicago area, as we experience snow and heat each year. We recommend scheduling a maintenance inspection at least twice a year, before summer and before winter begins. Our technicians will evaluate the health of your AC unit and make adjustments and repairs as necessary. There are even small things you can do yourself, such as replacing the air filter or clearing debris from the unit. Make sure you turn your unit off before trying anything, and remember to leave it to the pros before you try anything too extensive. Your safety is one of our top concerns. With routine maintenance, the chance of a surprise breakdown is minimal, and you’ll be able to enjoy a cool, comfortable house during our hot summer months!

Where We Serve

Despite the name, we do not only service Chatham. Some of the cities and neighborhoods we service include:

  • Blue Island, IL
  • Chicago Heights, IL
  • Country Club Hills, IL
  • Glenwood, IL
  • Harvey, IL
  • Hickory Hills, IL
  • Langsing, IL
  • Markham, Il
  • Oak Forest, IL
  • Olympia Fields, IL
  • Orland Park, IL
  • Palso Heights, IL
  • Palos Hill, IL
  • Palos Park, IL
  • Richton Park, IL
  • Robbins, IL
  • South Holland, IL
  • Thornton, IL

The Chatham Difference

Chatham Comfort Controls has been servicing Chicago and the surrounding areas for over three decades. Over the years, we have earned the trust of happy customers that prove that we offer leading cooling services. No matter what kind of AC unit you may have, our team can repair or replace it in order to make you comfortable again. Our technicians are certified heating and air conditioning experts and trained to help you through maintenance, repairs, and beyond.

Need Cooling Services in Chatham Chicago Now?

Give us a call right now at 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland or 708-674-6313 for South Suburbs to schedule your AC repair and we will send a technician over as soon as possible!

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