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AC Freon Leak Repair in Chicago, IL

Have you been noticing your AC unit is not working as strongly or efficiently as it should? If your AC unit is not blowing cold air and is running up your energy bill, it may be a sign that your unit is experiencing a AC Freon leak. It is important to note that unlike oil in a car, Freon should never need to be replaced, nor should it ever leak. An A/C Freon leak can lead to costly damages and must be treated right away.

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    What Is a Freon Leak?

    A Freon leak is usually created by small puncture holes that allow the gas-liquid to escape. Freon is a non-combustible gas that is used as a refrigerant for air conditioning systems.

    Does Freon Leak When AC Is Off?

    Yes, Freon can continue to leak even when the air conditioner is turned off.

    How to Find a Freon Leak

    Freon leaks can be one of the more frustrating kinds of AC repairs because many people don’t realize they have one. Unlike when a part breaks, a lot of your AC can continue to run when you’re leaking Freon. In some cases, the AC unit will even continue to blow out air just not as cold as normal. Without any major signs of a leak it can go months without being noticed and the entire time you’re doing damage to not only your unit but your wallet.

    Despite this, there are signs that you can be on the lookout for to give you a better idea of when you might have a Freon leak. Freon leaks can be difficult to notice, but when you do notice them they become a little more obvious. One of the most obvious signs is when the pipes freeze that connect the outside unit “condenser” to the inside unit ”A-Coil”.  If this is visible Turn OFF the unit right away to prevent extreme damage to the compressor, and give us a call.  The failure to turn off the system under these conditions is equivalent to driving a car with no oil in it.

    Signs of a Freon Leak

    • Low Air Flow “Not as Cold”
    • Blowing Hot Air
    • High Electric Bills
    • Your Home Takes A Long Time To Cool
    • An Odor

    Low Air Flow “Not as Cold”

    If your AC unit is low on a refrigerant then it will struggle to produce cold air. As a result, you might notice a low airflow coming from your AC unit when it turns on. While not blatantly clear you’ll likely feel the difference when something in your house just doesn’t feel right comfort-wise.

    Blowing Hot Air

    When Freon is leaking that usually means you’re not getting much cold air if any. If your unit starts blowing hot air then that’s a pretty good sign that you’re dealing with an AC leak of some kind. Refrigerants like freon allow an AC to absorb heat from inside the home or business, cool it down, and then release the cooler air back into the home or business. When there’s a leak the air is not cooled so warm air is just blown back out.

    If this is happening then you should call us immediately to come to inspect your AC unit and find the source of the problem. If it is a leak then our technician can give you advice on the next steps you may want to take to deal with your leak.

    High Electric Bills

    Nobody enjoys unexpected expenses, but what’s even worse than an unexpected expense is a slowly rising and sometimes unnoticed expense. When an AC unit begins to fail the first sign will almost always be your electric bill. The harder the unit works the more rapidly your bill will increase.

    When there is a leak in your AC unit it will begin to work harder to try and produce cold air. You might not notice it at first, but with every month your electric bill is going to increase. If you ever notice an unexplained rise in your bill then consider calling us to come to inspect your unit. We might be able to find the problem before it gets worse.

    Your Home Takes A Long Time To Cool

    When your AC unit is leaking it may initially continue to blow cold air and as a result, you might not notice any problems. Especially if it’s during a time of the year where you don’t need to keep your AC running 24/7, but as the weather warms up you’re going to reach a point where that AC needs to run more often and you may notice that it’s taking a long time to cool down.

    When this is happening your home will feel warmer for longer and might never get to the point you want it to reach. To keep your home comfortable you likely desire having your AC stay at the same temperature. If it’s taking a long time to reach that temperature then consider calling us to come to inspect your AC. We can find the leak early.

    An Odor

    Sometimes when there’s a leak in your AC unit it can lead to an odor. Freon in particular is known for leaving a sweet or chloroform type smell. If you notice this then turn off your AC immediately and call our emergency line for emergency repair. Freon leaks can be toxic.

    People that have experienced refrigerant poisoning have experienced symptoms such as:

    • Irritation of the eyes, ears, and throat
    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Frostbite (Liquid Freon)
    • Cough
    • Chemical burn to the skin
    • Dizziness

    Be careful when it comes to refrigerant leaks

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    If your A/C unit has lost its cooling power, is no longer blowing cold air, making unusual noises, or is frozen over, and you’re in need of emergency ac unit leak repair in South Shore, Chicago, East Chatham, Chicago, Avalon Park, Chicago, and other surrounding areas, call the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls. Let our certified HVAC technicians inspect your unit and advise you on what is best for your home. For more information on our A/C freon leak repair services, please do not hesitate to call us.


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