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Commercial AC Unit Repair in Chicago, IL

It is a well-known fact that you cannot run your business without air conditioning. At Chatham Comfort Controls, we understand that the comfort of you, your employees, and your customers are crucial for your business’s success. Much like a residential HVAC unit, your commercial HVAC unit also requires regular inspection and maintenance to perform at its best.

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your unit also reduce the risk of breakdowns. Due to this, you can count on the professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls.

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    Chatham Comfort Controls Service Area

    Chatham services the following areas in Chicagoland & South Suburbs

    • Ashburn, Chicago, IL 60652
    • Aurburn Gresham, Chicago, IL 60620
    • Avalon Park, Chicago, IL 60619
    • Beverly, Chicago, IL 60643
    • Chatham, Chicago, IL 60619
    • East Side, Chicago, IL 60617
    • Greater Grand Crossing, Chicago, IL 60619, 60620
    • Hyde Park, Chicago, IL 60615
    • Kenwood, Chicago, IL 60653
    • Roseland, Chicago, IL 60628, 60643
    • South Deering, Chicago, IL 60617
    • South Shore, Chicago, IL 60649
    • Washington Heights, Chicago, IL 60628
    • West Englewood, Chicago, IL 60636
    • Woodlawn, Chicago, IL 60619, 60637

    Importance of Commercial HVAC Repair

    Think of your commercial HVAC units like any other machine or engine you own; it needs to be regularly inspected or maintained to run the way it is supposed to. If you wait until you require a significant repair, you are not only putting yourself at greater risk of your unit breaking down but failing. Your business could be looking at much more costly repairs and some unnecessary downtime. It is always best to have an annual commercial HVAC repair service for your units. Having your rooftop HVAC unit inspected once per year will grant you peace of mind knowing that your commercial HVAC unit is working at its best, and it will not break down when you need it most.

    A Crash Course in Commercial AC Units

    We recommend scheduling your annual commercial HVAC repair service appointment in the Spring, or at the latest, the early months of Summer. Nobody wants to have to deal with a broken air conditioning unit in the summer months. It is uncomfortable for you, your staff, and all of your patrons. There are five commonly used commercial HVAC system types, each designed specifically for giving the right amount of comfort for you and your business:

    Air Handlers

    These units can correlate with a heat pump to circulate either cool or warm air. Because of this, you might find these useful for your company.


    These units are outside of the building. Because of this, they can both collect and release heat, depending on the current season.

    Heat Pumps

    Similar to condensers, these flexible units can adapt to any weather while also being energy efficient by reducing your air conditioning costs.

    Split Systems

    This massive system has multiple units inside of it that connect through refrigerant tubing. 

    Packaged Systems

    As the name suggests, these systems can do the work of multiple units and can be customized to fit your exact needs.

    No matter what type of commercial HVAC unit you and your business require, rest assured that Chatham Comfort Controls will be here to:

    Annual Rooftop Commercial HVAC Repair

    Servicing your business’s air conditioning unit comes with a host of benefits. You, as a business owner, may not realize that you are saving time and money. Over time, your air conditioner will experience normal wear and tear and dust buildup. This culmination will slowly affect your unit’s performance, causing it to decrease gradually. Worst of all is that this often happens without you knowing. When experiencing these typical issues, the inner components of your A/C unit have to work harder to achieve the same cooling output as it usually does. Having to overcompensate will soon force other working parts the same wear and tear, consume more significant amounts of energy, and cause your machine to break down even faster.

    Save Your Business Money

    Annual service inspections from Chatham Comfort Controls allow you to address minor fixes before it’s too late. While cleaning and inspecting your unit, our team will look for broken parts or maybe on the verge of a breakdown. Our team will clean and repair parts that have become damaged or worn during our Air Conditioning service routine to keep your rooftop A/C unit in top condition. When parts are not working as well as they should, your unit must work harder to give you the same result or even less. All of this extra effort can be a real drain on your monthly profits without you even realizing it. Keep a close eye on your energy bills and cooling costs to measure the success of your air conditioning unit.

    Keep Your Staff and Patrons Healthy

    With dust and gunk building up in your machine, they may circulate through your place of business. Not only that, but this means there is also the potential of unseen contaminants polluting your air. A dirty air filter in your ac unit runs the risk of becoming harmful to staff and patrons who may suffer from respiratory illness, asthma, or allergies. It is vital to have a professional make sure the air filter in your commercial HVAC unit is clean and unclogged.

    Our Commercial HVAC Repair and Installation Process

    Here at Chatham, we do not recommend installing your new commercial HVAC unit yourself. This piece of advice is because there are many temperamental parts inside your unit that can sustain damage if not done by a professional. Your professional should also have years of experience in installing units. That is why you should give the team at Chatham Comfort Controls a call. Operating in the areas of Chicagoland and South Suburbs, our team is a highly accredited and extensively trained group of experts that guarantee that your installation process will go as smoothly as possible.

    Part One: Permits

    We at Chatham Comfort Controls follow a necessary installation process that ensures your unit is secure and operational. We first apply for a permit if need be, as some local governments require permits for A/C installation. If and when we receive a permit, we will begin taking apart your existing conditioner. The parts must be preserved as much as possible for recycling purposes.

    Part Two: Ducts

    Next, our contractor will work on your duct systems, whether repairing existing ones or installing new ones. Afterward, the installation site will be prepared by clearing out the area we are planning on installing your unit. Our next step is to connect both your indoor and outdoor units. This step is vital because these units are unable to work separately. The unit collects the heat and air from outside to determine the proper temperature inside.

    Part Three: Thermostats

    Our next big step is connecting your new or current thermostat to your new unit. Finally, we clean up the installation area and ensure that there are no problems we missed.

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    If you’re in need of top-rated and quality rooftop A/C service for your business, call the HVAC professionals at Chatham Comfort Controls to ensure that your business is operating with a commercial HVAC unit that you can trust. From start to finish, our HVAC technicians will visit your business and determine the commercial HVAC unit best suited for your business’s needs. Save money on cooling costs with a commercial HVAC unit that is practically tailored for your professional space. Make sure it is running at its best at all times with regular maintenance from our technicians. Call us to learn more as well as schedule your commercial AC repair service today.

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