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Commercial and Residential AC Installation in Chicago, IL

When the weather warms up and the humidity level increases there is nothing as valuable as an effective AC unit. Whether you are buying a new home or building and need to install an AC unit or you are just in need of something new, Chatham has commercial or residential A/C installation for you.

The AC installation process is an important one, because if a unit is improperly installed it can lead to issues down the line with performance, cost, and damage to the HVAC system as a whole. This is why our team of experts makes sure to get it right the first time so when we install an AC unit it is always perfect.

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    Our Trusted AC Installation

    At Chatham Custom Control, we have commercial & residential AC installation along with a variety of HVAC Services in order to meet both your needs as well as your budget. When you choose an air conditioning company like us with a great reputation for installing high-quality units, you will not have to worry about the potential for additional repairs as we can ensure that your home or business will be quite comfortable for many years to come.

    Some of the issues our clients have encountered that resulted in them coming to us in order to help them invest in a new air conditioning unit includes:  

    • Air conditioners inability to turn on
    • The unit has been in the house for over 10 years 
    • Lack of cooling in your home or office 
    • It constantly requires frequent emergency AC repair 

    Once we’ve determined the right size system as well as a solution to any AC unit problems you have encountered, we’ll explain the different options we offer and their benefits including higher system efficiency ratings, better home air quality, a quieter AC unit as well as any current promotions. Our seasoned technicians are committed to your satisfaction. Our air conditioning installation service will keep you comfortable throughout the summer when you need it most. Whether you’re looking for AC installation for a new-construction home or business or you’d like to replace an old unit, you know who to call.

    Commercial or Residential A/C Installation

    Not all AC units or duct systems are the same. You can rest assured that our technicians are trained to handle any type of air conditioning installation, including these:

    • Central air conditioning installation
    • Geothermal cooling and heating
    • Hybrid air conditioning installation
    • Ductless air conditioning installation 
    • Spit-duct and mini-duct AC installation
    • Evaporative cooler and swamp cooler installation
    • Window and wall unit AC installation

    Once the appropriate unit is installed, we’ll ensure it is connected to your thermostat and that everything functions correctly. No matter where you live, it is important that your HVAC system is energy efficient which is why we take climate, the layout of your house or townhouse, and the quality of insulation into consideration. Eventually, we can appropriately work with smart thermostats and smart home systems that use technology to control HVAC systems. If you’re still using a manual system, that works for us too.

    By replacing an older inefficient model, you can expect to increase your HVAC equipment efficiency up to 25%, reduce your energy consumption by 25-40%, and create significant savings on your monthly utility bill.

    Residential AC Installation

    Residential AC installation is a vital part of a home. A working AC system fully optimized can provide a homeowner with some great benefits such as reduced energy bills and increased comfort levels. 

    One of the most important things to consider is how the entire system will be installed. Installing ducts can be a complicated process that requires careful engineering, especially if you do not have existing ducts in place to act as a path for new lines. It is still quite complicated and should only be handled by experienced HVAC technicians, even with existing ductwork. A small error like kinking or breaking a line can lead to decreased efficiency or malfunctions down the line, which can cost you big time over time.

    Where there are no pre-existing ducts, split systems offer an easy solution without requiring too much effort on your part after purchase and installation. Split AC systems come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits your needs is not difficult.

    Installation of a split system involves simply attaching an outdoor unit to the wall or window out of direct sunlight with some minor positioning before connecting it to the indoor unit, with only one hose attached. The hose connects to the inside of the room near a window providing intake air, while another hose provides exhaust air. This kind of system is simple and uses far less space than other ac systems while cooling an entire apartment or small home if needed. For convenience, you can go with a mini or portable AC that has wheels, so they are easy for anyone in your household to move around depending on where you need them moved to.

    Commercial AC Installation

    Commercial AC installation is no different than residential AC installation in terms of what is required from a technician to install it correctly. The same principles are followed, but some things need to be added or explained in greater detail because commercial buildings have much larger rooms that require more ductwork lines. And this kind of project demands specific knowledge about how big the building is, where the AC will be placed and how it will be installed to handle the load.

    No matter how small they are, all buildings need some form of air conditioning. Air conditioning is used to regulate indoor temperatures and helps with humidity levels and the cleanliness of a building. AC Installation can be a complicated process depending on the size of your building and the number of AC units you will have throughout it.

    Commercial AC installation, for instance, involves choosing the right location and size of an outdoor unit that will provide enough cooling power to air condition your building. Since several types of AC units are available in the market, you must decide which type is best suited for your needs.

    Commercial AC installation also includes choosing where you want the indoor unit or units to be placed, so they do not interfere with foot traffic or other office equipment. The location has to be dedicated space, so it doesn’t get in the way of anything and functions properly without any safety hazards in the process.

    Commercial AC installation entails running a duct system from the outside unit into your building. Running a duct system from the outside unit of your building requires precise engineering and layout planning since installing a duct system incorrectly can ruin the entire AC system. Lastly, you have to decide how many splits are needed to get cool air into all the desired locations, how long each of their lines will be, and which type of tubing should be used for the installation.

    The Importance of AC Installation in Chicago, IL

    When the weather is heating up, it’s time to turn on the AC. It is essential to install an AC system because it provides excellent comfort to your home or business, which is ideal. These systems have been known to be lifesavers during the hot summer months, but they can also help those who have allergies or breathing problems and those with asthma.

    The difference between a new air conditioner and an older unit might not seem like much at first glance, but there are some significant differences between new units and older ones. Here’s why investing in a new air conditioner is worth it: 

    1. Money

    An AC unit that’s newer can save you money down the line. Older units are less efficient and could require an emergency AC repair. They use more energy to provide the same amount of cool air, which means you pay more for your AC to work. A new AC will be more efficient and will not use as much electricity because it is newer, operating at peak efficiency.

    2. Improved Technology

    In recent years, there have been dramatic advancements in technology, including advances in energy efficiency that lead to lower costs over time with an AC system that professionals install. Improved compressors mean better cooling with fewer moving parts, meaning it runs quietly when running and lasts longer than older models when adequately maintained.

    3. Better Quality

    An AC Installer will ensure that the new AC is installed correctly, allowing it to keep your house cool with fewer problems. A professional contractor also means better warranties for more peace of mind. The company will have contacts throughout the industry for parts and service needs if something requires an emergency AC repair or wears out.

    Choosing The Right Company

    It is important that you let us evaluate your current air conditioning system. It is our utmost goal to provide you with the most economical way but also an efficient way to keep both your home and even your commercial setting comfortable for your family as well as your visitors. The square footage of your home is a crucial part of determining where your unit should be placed within your house. If the incorrect unit is selected, the unit may not properly cool your home which is why, instead of throwing your money onto an inefficient and faulty unit, let Chatham Comfort Controls guide you through the different models for AC units as well as their size and efficiency in order to help you make the right choice. 

    • Ultra Efficiency Units — The ultra-efficient units are top of the line in terms of performance and energy — the best of the best. It maintains the perfect temperature so that you don’t have to make manual adjustments to your fan speed. 
    • Super Efficiency Units — The super efficiency units are packed with features and are the quietest AC unit available.
    • High Efficiency Units — Durable in quality, these units are a perfect compromise between efficiency and cost. Great when it comes to regulating humidity levels as it helps maximize home comfort. 
    • Standard Efficiency Units — These units offer efficient, reliable comfort at an affordable cost.


    The cost of the air conditioning units themselves will depend upon the cost of the specific equipment you have selected but will also depend on any special installation requirements that were necessary for either your commercial application or your residential application. However, we will gladly take your call and schedule an estimate for the project so that you have a more accurate price for the financing options as well air conditioner installation for either your business or your home. 

    You can trust us for our:

    Seasoned technicians – We will only put properly trained technicians to work on your air conditioning system.

    Transparent Pricing – You will know how much it will cost before proceeding with service as we will discuss the estimate with you. 

    Accurate Diagnosis – We will diagnose your AC issue upfront within a short period of time and recommend exactly what you should do next in order to receive the correct unit. 

    Install A New AC Today!

    Chatham Comfort Controls is your HVAC cooling solution for all things air conditioning. Whether you are looking for a new installation, emergency AC repair, or simply want to upgrade your current AC unit, you have come to the right place. Our team of professional AC technicians will inspect your space and determine the perfect unit for your home. 

    We do this by taking into consideration the size of your space, the area you are cooling, as well as the energy efficiency of your unit. This way you get the best commercial or residential A/C installation in Chatham, IL for your money, and a unit that will last you for years to come. We only install the top rated brand from a leading consumer reporting agency. The American Standard brand has been rated #1 “most reliable” for the last 19 out of 21 years both furnaces and air conditioners. Call Chatham Comfort Controls and learn how AC installation can help breath new life into your home.

    If you are ready to install a new AC unit today then give us a call at our Chicagoland 773-842-4299 number or our South Suburbs 708-674-6313 number. 

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