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The Farmers’ Almanac has predicted a cold and snowy Chicagoan winter; are you prepared? One crucial aspect of winter preparation that may be overlooked is the operational status of your boiler or furnace.

Your boiler is the heart of your heating system and ensures that your home or building stays warm throughout a frosty winter. It’s essential to have your boiler serviced during autumn, so when winter hits, you and yours won’t be surprised by a busted boiler. Chatham Comfort Controls can assist you with all your HVAC and heating needs all year round. Call us at 773-842-4299 to schedule your boiler tune-up. We work round the clock to keep you and your family warm and cozy inside when it’s chilly outside! 

What Does a Boiler Tune-Up Include?

A boiler tune-up is a maintenance service that includes thoroughly cleaning the boiler’s interior and exterior, inspecting all components, and adjusting to ensure efficient and safe operation. During a boiler tune-up, a technician will:

  • Clean and inspect the heat exchanger
  • Check and adjust the burner and ignition system
  • Inspect and clean the chimney flue
  • Test safety controls and switches
  • Check the water pressure and temperature
  • Inspect the pumps, valves, and pipes

Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up

Improved Efficiency

A boiler that operates efficiently uses less fuel, thus reducing energy consumption and lowering heating bills. When your boiler is running efficiently, it operates as it should without full breakdowns, saving you from costly repairs. Regular boiler tune-ups include cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of equipment to ensure your system is running at its optimal performance.

Enhanced Safety

There are a few hazards associated with a boiler system, such as carbon monoxide leaks, which can be very dangerous if not promptly detected. Regular boiler tune-ups provide an opportunity to identify and address any safety concerns. Chatham Comfort Controls can detect small leaks and other potential problems and fix them, thus reducing the risk of safety hazards.

Extended Lifespan

A boiler is a significant investment that requires maintenance to last long and remain efficient. Regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your boiler system, saving you money on premature replacements. If you miss a service appointment, your boiler will experience wear and tear, picking up debris, and dust and above all reducing performance and lifespan. Ensure you schedule your boiler tune-up this autumn with Chatham Comfort Controls, so you can be prepared for any weather Chicago will throw our way. 

Importance of an Autumn Service

A boiler that is not well-maintained can cause serious health risks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can leak from a faulty boiler. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning range from headaches, dizziness, and nausea to unconsciousness and even death. Regular boiler maintenance can help prevent severe outcomes for your home or business. 

In addition to safety risks, a poorly maintained boiler can generate higher energy bills. An inefficient boiler consumes more energy and will cost you more money to heat your home. Keeping your boiler well-maintained can ensure that your system is running efficiently, saving you money on your heating bills each winter.

A boiler that hasn’t been serviced can also lead to system breakdowns, leaving you without heat on a cold winter night. When a boiler breaks down, it can be costly and may even require you to replace the entire system. Chatham Comfort Controls offers 24/7 emergency service; in case your boiler or furnace breaks down, we’ll get you warmed up in no time. 

Signs You Need a New Boiler

Of course, a boiler tune-up is to maintain and service your boiler; however, during a tune-up, our technicians may notice signs that your boiler needs to be replaced. If we catch an issue, we will help with the next steps of finding the perfect boiler for your space, as well as boiler installation

Such signs that indicate you need a new boiler include:

1. Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual noises coming from your boiler, it could be a sign of a serious problem. These noises could be due to various issues, such as loose parts or air in the system, but they could also indicate that the boiler is nearing the end of its lifespan. If you hear any whistling, banging, or gurgling noises, it’s best to call in a professional. These noises can be especially concerning if they get louder or more frequent over time.

2. Yellow or Orange Flame

A healthy boiler’s flame should be a consistent and steady blue color, indicating that it is burning efficiently. If the flame is yellow or orange instead, this could be because of a problem with the burner or ventilation system. This can be especially dangerous as it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, so it’s important to act swiftly if you notice this sign. A professional technician can diagnose the issue and provide appropriate recommendations.

3. The Pilot Light Frequently Goes Out

Another sign that it’s time to replace your boiler is if the pilot light frequently goes out. This could be because of a faulty thermocouple, which is responsible for detecting the flame, or simply due to the boiler’s age. The pilot light is essential because it keeps the gas flowing and ignites the burners when needed. Without the pilot light, the boiler won’t be able to function properly or at all.

4. Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a steady increase in your heating bills, this could indicate that your boiler is no longer performing as efficiently as it could be. Old and outdated boilers often consume much more energy than brand new models, which can inevitably lead to a spike in your monthly expenses. Replacing your old boiler with a modern, energy-efficient one could save you a significant amount of money in the long run, while also providing better and more consistent heat.

5. Age of the Boiler

Finally, if your boiler is more than fifteen years old, it may be time to start considering a replacement. While it may have served you well over the years, old boilers are more likely to require frequent repairs, reduced efficiency, and an increased risk of failure. Replacing your boiler before it completely breaks down can save you a lot of money in the long run and prevent the headache of dealing with a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Chatham Comfort Controls understands the importance of regular boiler maintenance to keep your heating system in top shape. Our team of experts can service any make or model of boilers. And we will thoroughly inspect your heating system to spot any potential problems and provide needed repairs. If the problem is beyond repair, we can also advise you on the best new boiler for your space. 

Chatham Comfort Controls Provides Comfort

Don’t fear Chicago’s predicted long winter with Chatham Comfort Controls. Our HVAC services keep you warm and comfortable in your home all winter long, so you might even prefer your time spent indoors. 

At Chatham Comfort Controls, we are committed to providing the best HVAC repair services on Chicago’s South Side. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help keep your boiler and entire HVAC system in top condition, so you and yours don’t have to worry, and you can enjoy the frosty nights inside warm and toasty. 

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