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Make Sure Your Air Handler is Cleaned Routinely

It is important to have your air handler cleaned routinely. Air handlers are responsible for distributing cooled or heated air throughout your home. If they are not clean, they can distribute allergens and other contaminants throughout your home. This can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of air handler cleaning and how to find a reputable company like Service Now! Chatham Climate Controls to do the job for you!

What Is An Air Handler?

An air handler is a large metal box that contains the components of your HVAC system. The air handler is responsible for circulating air throughout your home. It does this by pulling in air from the outside, heating or cooling it, and then distributing it through a network of ducts.

How Do Air Handlers Work?

The air handler works by pulling in air from the outside and then circulating it throughout your home. Air is pulled into the air handler through a large opening. The air is then drawn through a series of filters that remove any contaminants or allergens. Once the air is filtered, it is drawn into the evaporator coil where it is cooled. All of this is done in concert with your air conditioner unit.

Why Is Air Handler Cleaning Important?

Your air handler works hard to keep your home comfortable year-round. However, if it is not cleaned on a regular basis, it can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other contaminants. These contaminants can be circulated throughout your home, causing respiratory problems and other health issues. In addition, a dirty air handler can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should, leading to higher energy bills.

How Often Should Air Handler Cleaning Be Done?

Most experts recommend having your air handler cleaned at least once a year. However, if you have pets or allergies, you may need to have it cleaned more often. Air handler cleaning is a relatively simple and inexpensive process, so there is no reason to put it off. If you are unsure of how to clean your air handler, or if you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can hire a professional HVAC contractor to do it for you.

Why Is Keeping My Air Handler Clean So Important?

Making sure your air handler is clean will help your HVAC system run more efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills. A dirty air handler has to labor to heat or cool your home or business, leading to increased energy bills. Clean air handlers work optimally. It will also improve the quality of the air in your home, making it healthier for you and your family to breathe.

Health Risks of a Dirty Air Handler

If you have allergies or asthma, a dirty air handler can worsen your symptoms. The dust and dirt that builds up in the unit can trigger an asthma attack or aggravate your allergies. If you already have respiratory problems, keeping your air handler clean is even more critical. A dirty air handler can also attract mold, which your HVAC system can spread through your home via spores, creating further health risks.

You should clean your air handler at least once a year, and more often if you have pets or live in a dusty area. If you have allergies or asthma, you may need to clean it more frequently. You can clean the unit yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, make sure it is done regularly to protect your health and keep your home comfortable.


A dirty air handler runs inefficiently, requiring more power to achieve the same level of heating and cooling as a clean air handler. This means that your energy bills will spike if your air handler is dirty. A well-maintained air handler can last between fifteen and twenty years, but letting it get dirty without cleaning will shorten the lifespan of the machine. This is a consideration since air handler units alone cost between $700 and $1,600, with labor replacement costs ranging from $800 to $1,800. That’s $1,500 to $3,400 out of your pocket -but you can avoid that cost with regular cleanings.

How Do I Clean My Air Handler?

Cleaning your air handler is not a do-it-yourself job. The unit is full of electrical components that need to be treated with care, and cleaning an air handler requires special training and safety equipment. The best way to clean your air handler is to have a professional HVAC contractor do it for you. Many contractors offer air handler cleaning services as part of their regular maintenance packages. If you’re unsure whether your air handler needs to be cleaned, ask your HVAC contractor for an inspection. They can take a look at the unit and let you know if it’s time for a cleaning. Air handlers typically need to be cleaned every year.

Get Service Now! Chatham Comfort Controls to Service Your Air Handler

Chatham Comfort Controls is a family-owned and operated HVAC business with over 15 years of experience serving the Chicagoland area. We install, inspect, maintain, repair, and replace all makes and models of furnaces, boilers, and AC units. Our certified heating and air conditioning technicians are qualified to help you with preventive maintenance, advice, and cleaning, among other services. If your air handler needs cleaning, there’s no better choice than Chatham Comfort Controls. Call us today!

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