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How To Spot An HVAC Scam

An HVAC technician from a company that knows what they’re doing can be difficult to find, but when you find a company you trust it can be difficult to ever use anyone else. Why is that? Well, because the people that know what they’re doing have proven time and time again how important that is.

It might sound silly, but there are plenty of people pretending to work in the field of HVAC that are in fact not qualified. They claim to be small businesses or individual contractors, but in reality they’re unlicensed and looking to scam you out of your hard earned money. Unfortunately Chicago is full of them as any other city.

If you’re ever talking to an HVAC Technician that you are becoming suspicious of then it becomes important to trust your own knowledge on the situation. It also helps to be a little cautious.

Ask to see their license

Anyone who is licensed should show no fear in proving to you they are a licensed HVAC Technician. If they can’t prove they have a license then should you trust them with your AC or Furnace unit? We don’t think so.

Make sure you understand your HVAC

If you’re hiring a company or so called technician to look at your units then you should likely have an idea of what could be potentially wrong with your unit. If it’s for just a check up then make yourself aware of what could be wrong with a unit that would need repair.

Someone attempting to scam you would take a look at your unit and start telling you that parts need to be not only repaired, but completely replaced. Use your best judgment in this circumstance. Is your unit making a weird noise? Is it unreasonably warm or cold in your home due to a faulty furnace or AC unit? Is there an odd smell? Has your electricity bill been rising? These are some of the more common signs of a failing HVAC unit and if you haven’t been suffering from any of these then it’s likely any repairs that would need to be made are minor. They wouldn’t require replacing an entire piece.

As a side note, it’s good to be aware of all this anyway for all technicians. Knowing when you need to call a technician is an important part of your regular AC maintenance.

Hire someone reliable

At the end of the day the best way to avoid an HVAC scam is to always hire someone reliable. Look up online reviews, because word of mouth spreads quickest that way. If they don’t have any then that’s a red flag on its own. This is your home we’re talking about here. You shouldn’t trust your home with someone you can’t trust.

We like to believe that we are someone you can rely on and put your trust in. For nine out of twelve years we’ve ranked by the BBB as an accredited business that receives no complaints. With an average of 100-150 installations and countless repairs every year.  We work hard for you and our technicians always get the job done. Always use your best judgment when hiring an HVAC company and remember if something seems off then it probably is.  Contact us online for a free in-home estimate or give us a call at 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland or 708-674-6313 for South Suburbs to schedule your AC repair and we will send a technician over as soon as possible!

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