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Reasons To Get An A/C Inspection In Spring

Spring is in the air. The weather will be warming up, birds will be chirping, the sun will be shining, and it’ll be time for you to turn your A/C back on. After a cold winter it can feel refreshing to finally run your A/C unit, but what condition is it in? Have you ever looked at it since September? It might be time to schedule an A/C inspection.

A/C inspections are a regular part of life. If you want to avoid more catastrophic damage to your A/C unit then you need to consistently keep up good maintenance on it. An A/C unit is no different than a car. You wouldn’t continue to drive a car with a flat tire and you don’t want to continue using an A/C unit that is working at half capacity.

The A/C unit is important because there is nothing worse than when you enter the hottest months of the year, the heat starts to hit, and you realize that you need an A/C repair. To avoid that potential misery you’ll want to look into getting an inspection. Not in the summer, but right now in the Spring while the weather is still tolerable and before many Chicago residents have even turned their AC’s back on.

Restart your A/C

If your A/C hasn’t been on since Fall, and for some people since summer, it’s time for an A/C inspection because it might be in need a jumpstart. Think of it like a car that hasn’t been running for a long time. The car battery is still good, but when it hasn’t been turned in a while it might need a jumpstart to get running. Once you give it that jump though it’s working just like it used to. A/C units can be similar.

This is also a great opportunity to make sure that the long time away hasn’t done any damage to your A/C unit. Debris and other objects can get inside the A/C unit during this time period. Dust, dirt, water from melting snow, etc. Maybe the cold got to it and a crack has appeared, or the cooling weather made you not notice that it was already in need of a repair as early as last Fall. Whatever the reason, that initial jump will be a great opportunity to look at your A/C unit and make sure everything is up to your standards. Contact us today either online or give us a call right now at 773-842-4299 for Chicagoland or 708-674-6313 for South Suburbs to schedule your AC repair and we will send a technician over as soon as possible!

It probably needs a cleaning

All that earlier mentioned debris is now inside of your A/C unit. When it starts blowing it can cause a handful of problems. For starters, it might blow particles into your household causing dust or pollen allergies to act up. An A/C inspection can help improve your air quality. That debris could also damage the unit itself depending on how badly it’s in there.

Initial cleaning of your A/C unit before you turn it on for the year will help avoid creating damage from any of the debris that’s built up in there. Not to mention that even if it manages to run with all that debris in there it will have to work extra hard to keep functioning in the process. The harder a unit has to work the more expensive it is to run. Now you’re paying more per month.

Regular maintenance is important

At the end of the day, this is just an important part of taking care of your A/C unit. A/C Inspections help your unit last longer which in turn means fewer repairs and avoiding any expensive full-on replacements. You want your A/C unit to last as long as possible and regular maintenance is how you do that.

The first step of regular maintenance is doing the necessary inspection at the beginning of Spring. Starting off the warmer months the right way keeps an A/C unit long-lasting and the owner of it happy for a long time. Don’t wait and end up with a unit in need of major repair come the hot months. Get it looked at now while the weather is still nice.

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